Fashioning the Cinematic Screen – Body Transmediality, Appearance and the ‘Event’

1.       Introduction – The New Media and the Body Transformation In the age of new technologies, the question arises whether new media can bring something new to contemporary fashion? The

Aesthetics and Ethics in Technological Environments

Abstract The subject I want to address is today’s relationship between aesthetics and ethics. Both disciplines deal with courses of action, even if different ones, and reflect on such behaviours.

HOMO KYBERNETES. From Onto-Genesis to the Posthuman Condition

Abstract The author deals with the consideration of what he calls the post-metaphysical complex of the technosphere, for which the ontogenetic framework of classical metaphysics from Aristotle to Hegel is

(Un)creative Artificial Intelligence: A critique of Artificial Intelligence

I. The arguments that follow are situated within a larger project entitled "Critique of Algorithmic Rationality." That project, drawing deliberately from Immanuel Kant, is an attempt to move beyond the

EVENT AND DIFFERENCE: Performative-Conceptual Turn of Contemporary Art

The paper analyzes the performative-conceptual turn in contemporary art, starting from the idea of two bodies and two worlds – life and artificial or aesthetic – in the media-created reality.

Body Iconograms: The End of the Symbolic Construction of Fashion

 Long live the new flesh! David Cronenberg, Videodrome 1. Beyond a fashion? “Elle est contemporaine de tout le monde” In a world without the metaphysical foundation of beauty and reign

East of Eden in Osijek manuscripts

Observing the works of art selected for the exhibition East of Eden by the participating artists from their existing artistic production with the intention of providing the theme with a

The dehumanization of art

SUMMARY: Modernism radically breaks its ties with the linear mimetic-representational way of presenting the image of the divine found in myth and religion as the idea of beauty and sublimity.

The Dark Core of Mimesis: Art, Body and Image in the Thought of Jean-Luc Nancy

Abstract: The thesis I argue in my text through three separate planes of discussion is that mimesis (μίμησις) cannot for Nancy be reduced to mere imitation of an already always

Walter Benjamin and Image Theory: Aura and reproduction of the work of art

ABSTRACT The most significant notion of Benjamin's thinking in the path of a particular refinement of style surely represents the concept of aura. From this notion, the basic meta-aesthetic experience of the


Unique film(s) produced by software random editing 1999/2021- 6’54 min, b/w, sound Shot, pre-edited and directed by Dalibor Martinis                                                                          Software development by Mihael Giba                                                                                                 Production: Omnimedia Year of production:

Socrates’ death as performed by Hannah Arendt

In an interview given to Günter Gaus, released on 28 October 1964 in West Germany under the title Zur Person, Hannah Arendt – the smoke curling off the tip of

The End of War

Abstract This paper is a general assessment of the reasons for, and proceeding of, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  I argue that the political order established by Vladimir Putin at the

AT THE EDGE OF CHAOS: The end of the revolution, the politics of resistance, and the spectacle of subversion

No “revolution” is “revolutionary” enough. Martin Heidegger, Die Geschichte des Seyns 1. Mephisto’s problem: So, what if there is nothing left behind? One of the most lucid analyses of the

Messianic Triumph of Ethics? Emmanuel Lévinas and the aporia in the thinking of the Other

Abstract There are only three philosophical ideas of “great ethics” nowadays: Aristotle’s idea of distributive justice in a community (polis) is determined by the “natural” limitations and ethnic reducibility of

Persecution and the Art of Thinking

Zygmunt Bauman’s books have been read by millions of people in over thirty languages. For this reason alone the biography of this outstanding philosopher and a sociologist deserves attention. An

The Heidegger Case

It is almost unquestionable that throughout history educated classes have always adhered to dictatorial regimes. Plato and his failed ‘mission’ in service of Dionysius I, tyrant of Syracuse, bequeathed us

Digital Landscapes of the Internet: Glitch Art, Vaporwave, Spectacular Cyberspace

This text was first published as Chapter 14. of the edited volume The Iconology of Abstraction: Non-figurative images and the modern world (Krešimir Purgar, ed.),  published by Routledge in 2020,

An interview with Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, one of the worldwide leading experts in the fields of trans- and posthumanism

Žarko Paić: How to determine your position in contemporary philosophy and especially in the context of German theoretical thought. Do you have your predecessors in some orientation like post-phenomenology or

What Does It Mean To Be An Alien? Bernhard Waldenfels And Politics Of Responsive Interculturalism

ABSTRACT The author analyzes the politics of responsive interculturalism in Bernhard Waldenfels’ thought, starting from the assumption that after Husserl’s phenomenology only two fundamental concepts – body and the Other

Do abstract images need new iconology?

The following article is an introduction of the book The Iconology of Abstraction – Non–figurative Images and the modern world (ed. by Krešimir Purgar, Routledge, New York and London, 2020). Although we

Walter Benjamin: Awakening from the collective dream

At the beginning of one chapter in his capital work Arcades Project Walter Benjamin under the letter K in the section on dreams talks about the Copernican turn of historical

The perspective of Events: (Dalibor Martinis, Eternal Flame of Rage)

1. The arriving – art as the vibration of chaos If we remove the tone of the vatic dimension of speech and the tone of the apocalyptic in speech about

Love as a Creative Dynamic Work

I present the concepts of love in the Western history (twin souls, platonism, catholicism, courtly, romantic, psychoanalytic love) and argue that the aforementioned concepts are unrealistic and disatisatifying because they

Minus sapiens: a novel

            There is blood running from my mouth, but it is not mine. Or it is my blood, but it is not my mouth. There are feelings, unrelated to each

Europe on the Edge: Revisiting Habermas and Derrida

Europe stands at a precarious moment and today is facing huge economical, political and social crisis. Although the idea of Europe has been widely discussed for centuries, nowadays we are

The Subversive Icon of Pregnancy in Opposition to the Culture of Fear: Visual Practices in a Local Context

This paper problematizes the subversive icon of pregnancy and offers a linear overview of its various iterations in juxtaposition to the culture of fear, starting with Vlasta Delimar, whose installation

Divine Child

Part I. those who ruled the country lied and stole without anyone punishing them for their “work,” although there were witnesses and evidence of their lies and theft, lying and

Technosphere – A New Digital Aesthetics? The Body as Event, Interactivity and Visualisation of Ideas

Introduction One thing that this discussion will attempt is to show the path towards the technosphere as a new discourse in the aesthetics of the age of digital currents. In

Wish for one‘s own Freedom

Against voluntary slavery was Étienne de La Boétie. It is supposed that he was sixteen years old boy/man when he wrote this little discourse. He died when he was thirty-three.

The New Left and Its Discontents

IUC Dubrovnik 2010 In contemporary social and political theory in the last twenty years, there are two currents that are of crucial importance in rethinking modern economic-political and cultural global

Theory of Contemporary Art: Lines and Curves

Abstract: In the article author attempt to articulate three paradigms of contemporary Art theory today: (1) The repoliticization of art as a kind of new discoursive power; (2) The re-aestheticisation

Ethics and Metapolitics

IUC Dubrovnik 2009 In today's era of blurred global political constellation and predominant sense of vast political and religious disappointment in most of western societies, the notions of ethics and

A cLEARing

You hardly know yourself. This person with whom you spend every night and day. This person who can surprise you more than anyone in so many unexpected ways. With actions

The Image and the Gaze. On the ‘Logic’ of Iconic Structures

AMBIGUITY OF THE IMAGE It is not always easy to decide whether something is an image or not. Some objects are imageswithout revealing themselves as such, while others are not

The Permanent Condition of War-And-Peace: From the Total Mobilization to the Absolute Construction of the Event

Abstract: In the present consideration the author tries to explain on three levels a fundamental shift which occurred and changed the dynamics of the binary opposition of war and peace

Truth in Architecture

1. Introduction: Architecture, Truth, and the Visual One of the striking features of much architectural discourse, at least from the perspective of an outsider, is its apparent tendency to prioritize

Image of the Missing Body

From Transamerica to Pollock and back The problematics of the body certainly cannot be referred to as an exclusive theme of contemporary visual arts, since they are as old as

Kindness of Strangers

         My films are more formulated like questions... states Claire Denis in an interview.[1] This assertion is actually the best possible depiction of her work. Although her films are known

Overcoming the West?

(The errors of occidentalism) Ideology is older than the world of modernity. Like religion and metaphysics, it is“innate” to man as a member of a social community. Just as paranoid

The Political and the Violent. On Resistances

Politics and the Political This essay explores the political, in particular that which we might call the vanishing of the political. We should first be aware that the terms politics

Apocalypse and Body Transgression: On Picasso’s Crucifixion (1930)

The article deals with the question of the possibility of a new interpretation of Picasso’s picture entitled Crucifixion, which was created in the context of the art paradigm shift in

Techno-Imagination and Video-Utopia against Death of Image

“We live in hell,” said Pasolini in an interview recorded several hours before his death. We can take it in the Flusserian sense of world and life in it turning


Essays Translated by Edward Dennis Goy and Jasna Levinger THE ARTIST'S WORKSHOP The artist is a master. As such he is often addressed. Such an address, linked as it is

Mapping the Balkan and escaping to Europe

The questions of where are the actual boundaries of the Balkans actually include many traumatic issues of belonging, identity and imagery and they involve the outwitting of geopolitical theories. In

FILM AS AN ABREACTION OF TOTALITARIANISM Vinko Brešan’s Marshal Tito’s Spirit (1999)

Funny spectre ‘It’s such a scary movie. The film shows how it is still alive.’This was a comment made by one of the Croatian spectators after the projection of the

CONTOURS OF MULTI-LAYERED MYSTICISM: The History and Time of a Painting

Paul Klee, Angelus Novus* Abstract: : Owing to the interpretation of Walter Benjamin, Paul Klee’s paint- ing Angelus Novus has become the paradigmatic work of modern art. Its mystery is

Passion and Exposure: New Paradoxes of the Actor

Masculin Feminin In  Jean-Luc  Godard’s  Masculin’-Feminin’  (1966),  a  film  made  up of »15 precise actions«, as its subtitle asserts, the actor Jean-Pierre Léaud, who plays the budding writer Paul, waits

An-Arché as the Voice of the People: Jacques Rancière and the Politics of Disagreement

Abstract An-arché in the thinking of politics and aesthetics beyond the tradition of "political philosophy" of Leo Strauss and Hannah Arendt in 20. century, or in contact with the ideas

Synaesthetic Without Sensitivity? The Body as a Technological Construction

Abstract Since technology transformed itself into something uncanny what determines human civilization from modern times, nature has already transformed into a pure technological creation. The time of contemporary art corresponds

The immortal Bodies

In our present time, one feels somewhat embarrassed when speaking or writing of immortality, in particular the immortality of the individual. You feel you have to explain how on earth

What a Body can Become: Dancing the Body-Score of Becoming

Abstract This thesis does not explore what body is, but what a body can become. It explores the body as event-in-making throughout the concepts such as Body without Organs (Artaud,

Art, Knowledge, and Reflexivity

Abstract The essay addresses the manifold relationships between art and research under the perspective of the arts’ own way of thinking, separating artistic knowledge-production from science. While in science ‘research’

‘The Role of Memory’: Image, Place, and Story in the Films of Wim Wenders

Jeff Malpas ...the real storytellers and artists are places In spite of the evident attention given to the composition of sound in his films –he has, after all, worked closely

Moon Over Velištak

Interpreting the structure and meaning of symbolic motifs of the oldest lunar calendar inscribed on a prehistoric ceramic vessel from Velištak, Croatia Abstract The paper presents the interpretation of the

History, fate and the mission of painting is my current condition (Interview)

ŽARKO PAIĆ: Hal Foster in his seminal analysis of the relationships between concepts of avant-garde and neo-avant-garde entitled, The Return of the Real: Art and Theory at the End of